Security and Safety is the most important part of both the Sheriff's Office and the community. Unfortunately, approximately 85% of the inmate population either reside in Clarke County or have family here. With the staffing levels at their all-time low, the security of the Jail and Courthouse is jeopardized. In the Jail, inmates are now arming themselves (making shanks) because they know that there are very few deputies to respond if something breaks out. This is also a prime target for the gangs to take over the housing units to recruit new members and take them through the "initiation" process. Contraband getting into the Jail is also higher than ever. The courthouse deputies are having to man the security checkpoints solo, resulting in not being able to pay attention to his/her surroundings. Courtrooms are having inmates present without sufficient number of deputies supervising. Inadequate staffing, training, and procedures puts people's lives (deputies, inmates, and community) in danger. This pillar is also designed to streamline the Sheriff's Office more efficiently. There are plans to restructure and move job responsibilities as needed.


As your Sheriff, I will put the following ideas into action:

  • Create a permanent recruitment team and attach them to the Training Department.

    • As of FY19, the Sheriff's Office has been 69% over-budget in overtime and ​an average of 30 people short in staffing over the last 6 years.

  • Increase the amount of in-house training classes. More hands-on classes and less internet based.

  • Put in place an intensive Jail Training program for all new deputies, in addition to the New Deputy Orientation already in place.

  • Create advanced jail training for the experienced deputies.

  • Ensure that all housing areas are searched on a regular basis for contraband.

  • Ensure that ALL visitors are searched prior to entering the secured areas of the Jail.

  • Add a second deputy to the main lobby area during day-time hours.

  • Install two (2) additional walk-through scanners for inmates entering the housing units.

  • Research the cost of a full-body scanner for the Intake section.

  • Ensure that a minimum of two deputies are assigned to the security checkpoints at all times. More will be placed based upon the courthouse traffic.

  • Utilize the courtroom at the Jail to minimize inmate movement in the community for Magistrate Court bond hearings and Municipal Court jail call.

  • Create a live-feed video for State and Superior Courts criminal status updates or civil proceedings not requiring a physical appearance (i.e. Child Support).

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