Recidivism and rehabilitation is the topic of our third pillar. Recidivism is defined as the number of times a person enters the criminal justice system. Therefore a low recidivism rate is certainly the goal.  The Clarke County Sheriff's Office currently has a few programs for the inmates to become successful citizens in society.  Based on the inmates returning to the jail, the programs need to be reviewed to determine which are actually working.  There are opportunities to partner with various organizations using numerous programs in order to assist the inmate population in transitioning successfully back into the community. The following are my solutions to this pillar of action:

  • Partner with Athens Technical College and continue the GED program for any person that has been released and wants to continue or finish their education.

  • Partner with Advantage Behavioral Health Services (ABHS) to create a proactive approach to inmates with mental health issues. This is particularly focused on those individuals that are clients (past or present) of ABHS.

  • Convert and/or create a mental health housing unit in order to provide more in depth services.

  • Have a mental health caseworker (ABHS) available 24 hours a day for the inmates in crisis. The ultimate goal is to have a caseworker at the Jail 24/7.

  • Convert and create a "Veteran's" housing unit and partner with the local Veterans Administration office with programs they provide.

  • Partner with other organizations to work with the root causes of incarceration. For example, if a person is charged with Theft by Shoplifting, instead of focusing on the charge, find out the person's story. Partner that person with an organization that can provide assistance and follow-up with that person even after they are released from the Jail.

  • Partner with the State of Georgia Employment Services to assist with job placement or job training prior to release.

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