The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has undergone several audits over the years. The issues were the same and the solutions have also been the same – little to no improvement. In the last audit, Organizational Analysis narrowed down the issues to four major areas. I'm calling the solutions "The Four Pillars of Action." Each pillar has a significant set of solutions that relates to the members of the Clarke County Sheriff's Office, the inmates in the Jail, and/or the community as a whole. The citizens of Clarke County demands leadership from their elected officials and have began to speak out. The members of the Clarke County Sheriff's Office demands leadership and support from their leadership team as well. I have been with the Sheriff's Office for 9 years (2010 - 2019) and resigned in order to campaign for this office. In addition, I have 9 years working in corrections (both adult and juvenile). I have the strong, experienced leadership to successfully run an agency.


Please take a look at each of the pillars by clicking on the links below. I'm sure you will agree that I am the best choice for Sheriff of Clarke County. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your support.

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